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Routine maintenance is a critical part of keeping your vehicle running for years and many odometer miles to come. If you're a new driver, or a new customer to the Pacifico Marple Ford family, chances are this might be news to you. If it is, don't fret. Our local dealership has an on-site service center that can perform routine maintenance and also diagnose and repair more serious issues.

On this page, you can schedule your next service appointment online thanks to our scheduling form. First, we'll get the basics about you, before moving on to your vehicle and the kind of maintenance you're looking to have performed. Once you've filled out all of the required fields, you'll get a confirmation about your appointment date. After that, all you have to do is show up. We'll do the rest.

Our service team consists of OEM certified technicians with expertise on every Ford model we sell, and have sold. Whether you're scheduling a routine check, like an oil change, tire rotation, or wiper fluid refill, we have your back. We'll get your car in and out in no time. The same can be said for more serious maintenance problems. Our team will be fully transparent, and keep you updated on our progress.

Use the attached form to schedule service. You can also get any questions about our dealership services answered by contacting our Broomall, PA dealership and scheduling a test drive at your convenience. We service vehicles of all model years and OEMs.